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ITS-Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems are integrated applications of communications; control, computers and information technologies implemented on vehicles and on infrastructure and designed to improve overall transportation system performance and road safety.

Many ITS tools are based on collection, processing, integration and information supply, enabling  transportation authorities, highway operators, transport providers and private road users to make better informed, safer, more coordinated & and more "intelligent" decisions.

ITS Israel
The Israeli Association for intelligent transportation systems is a registered charity ( AR 580 466 767 ) that designated to serve as an integrative factor between the industrial and other   factors in the transportation field. ITS Israel's goal is to help the industrial to develop and implement advanced technological solutions in cars and infrastructures, to improve the level of service, operational efficiency, and contribute to the safety of transportation and the environment as well.
The National Road Safety Authority considers ITS Association as the professional entity in Israel for transportation's technologies. The national road safety authority, welcome and encourages cooperation between local government and the Association, implementing transportation safety technologies.

ITS Israel Association tasks are:
  • Act to integrate intelligent transportation systems as a central policy of land transportation in Israel.
  • Establish and develop the knowledge of sentient transportation systems by linking the centers of development in Israel and the world.
  • Contribute to cooperation between stakeholders' transportation system in an effort to assimilate and implement intelligent transportation systems in Israel.
  • Result in an increase budgets allocated to research, development and implementation of intelligent transportation systems from various sources around the world.
  • Act establishing the technological infrastructure required for the development , production and application of intelligent transport systems in Israel .
  • Promote public awareness and readiness for use in intelligent transportation.
Israel ITS Association ,15 Z'abotinsky St., Herzliya 4610301